A civil action shall be ordered to arbitration or arbitration in conjunction with mediation upon stipulation of the parties. A civil action may be ordered to arbitration or arbitration in conjunction with mediation upon motion of any party or by the court, if the judge determines the action to be of such a nature that arbitration could be of benefit to the litigants or the court. Under no circumstances may the following categories of actions be referred to arbitration:

(1)     Bond estreatures.

(2)     Habeas corpus or other extraordinary writs.

(3)      Bond validations.

(4)     Civil or criminal contempt.

(5)     Such other matters as may be specified by order of the chief judge in the circuit.


Committee Notes
1994 Amendment. The Supreme Court Committee on Mediation and Arbitration Rules encourages crafting a combination of dispute resolution processes without creating an unreasonable barrier to the traditional court system.

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